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What We Offer

3 Connected Accounts: Savings + Investing + Retirement

Emergency Savings
Short-Term $

Your first line of defense against life’s surprises.

Emergency Savings
General Investing
Mid-Term $

Our simple investment portfolios let you fund your dreams.

Emergency Savings
Long-Term $

Save for your golden years in a Traditional or Roth IRA.


Completely transparent fees. Really.

per month
per year

when your Investing and Retirement are $5K or more

Emergency Savings

Get started with just $50.

Emergency Savings

No trading or rebalancing fees.

Emergency Savings

Withdraw anytime with no extra fees or penalties.

Investment Methodology

WorthFM's portfolios are designed according to four principles:


Low Fees


Tax Efficiency


Risk Awareness


Broad Global Diversification

In the dizzying search for the "best" investment, how do you decide where to invest your money? We answer that question by providing five portfolio options tailored to whatever risk level suits you best.

TD Ameritrade

WorthFM works with TD Ameritrade Institutional for comprehensive brokerage and custody services.


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How We Keep Your Money Secure

The safety of your data and financial assets is our top priority. We have bank-level security throughout WorthFM.


We follow best technology practices in the design and implementation of our security procedures: SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificates that support 256-bit encryption, firewalls that keep unauthorized parties out, and third party security experts who test our platform regularly.


We protect your information and have systems in place to ensure your information is used only for the management of your accounts.

Account protection

Your investments are held at TD Ameritrade Institutional. TD Ameritrade Institutional is a member of SIPC and FDIC insurance programs (see Terms). Your accounts can be accessed directly at TD Ameritrade upon request.

Investing Insights

Investing explained by our media partner DailyWorth, a leading resource for women around money, career, and business.